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Watching Previous Streams (VODs)

Can you watch old Twitch Streams?

Yes! To watch previous streams on Twitch, navigate to the streamer’s channel and click on videos. If the streamer has chosen to make previous streams unavailable, you will no longer be able to watch them.

You can also select chapters within a specific VOD, which allows for selecting the specific section of the video that contains the category you may want to skip to in the previously aired Twitch stream.

How to save your own Twitch VODs

To store past broadcasts on Twitch, navigate to your channel preferences within the Creator Dashboard and toggle the “Store past broadcasts” button to on. If you want to deactivate VODs so your past streams are no longer viewable, just set that toggle to off.

How long does Twitch save my old broadcasts?

Twitch will save your past broadcasts (VODs) for up to 14 days – unless you have Prime Gaming, Turbo, or are a Twitch Partner – in which case VODs may be stored up to 60 days.

Can you download Twitch videos?

You can download your own Twitch VODs directly from the Creator Dashboard under the Video Producer section, located under the Content dropdown. This allows for you to keep your previous streams on your computer, even after they expire from your Twitch video library.

This is an easy way to grab highlights from whole videos to cut together promotional material for your channel, create outside content for YouTube or other platforms, or even look back to work on gameplay/stream improvement.

If you want to download previous broadcasts from other streamers, there is no way to achieve this using Twitch’s interface. Using a third party downloader is rather straight forward – check out UnTwitch to get started. While these third party solutions do exist, keep in mind that downloading someone else’s content and using it for your own purposes without permission may go against copyright laws.

Now that you have all the steps you need to watch VODs from your favorite streamers, review your own content, or keep your past broadcasts, you’re ready to roll. Go get to streaming so you can share your VODs with us!

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