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How to Become a Twitch Affiliate

To complete Path to Affiliate you must have the following over a 30 day period:

  1. Reach 50 followers
  2. Stream for 8 hours
  3. Stream on 7 different days
  4. Average of 3 viewers

Once you have completed all of the required tasks, Twitch may reach out via email, notification, and a dashboard notification to invite you to the Affiliate Program! You can then respond to the invitation and fill out all of the necessary onboarding information to reach affiliate status.

Perks to being a Twitch Affiliate


All levels of subscription are available to Twitch Affiliates, meaning that your viewers are able to sub to your channel and support you directly. A Tier 1 subscription gives supporters direct access to your global emote, while Tiers 2 and 3 will increase support and allow access to the respective tiered emotes.


Twitch Bits are a virtual good that viewers can use to cheer you on during your live stream. Affiliates can accept bits as support directly through Twitch, and they capture a share of the money paid for the bits. Cheerers can select between the generic animated bit emote, or Cheermotes – the beloved global emotes – only animated! You can even set up bit badges for fans that cheer you on so they stand out in chat.

Game Sales

When you are streaming an eligible game as a Twitch Affiliate, an option to purchase the game or in-game items directly through Twitch will appear on your channel. You can earn a 5% cut of eligible game sales through your channel, and viewers who make a purchase over $4.99 will also receive a reward!

Custom Emotes

If you use Twitch often, you know that emotes are one of the main reasons people stick around. Twitch Affiliates have access to one global subscriber emote, as well as the ability to add an emote for subscribers at Tier 2 ($9.99) and Tier 3 ($24.99). As you gain new subscribers, you will also have the option to unlock up to 4 additional emotes for your base subscribers! This means that you can have 5 global subscriber emotes, 6 for Tier 2, and up to 7 for Tier 3 subscribers.

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