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How to Change Your Twitch Name (Desktop & Mobile)

You can change your Twitch name once every 60 days. To update your username on Desktop and Mobile:

  • Click on your profile
  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu
  • Under Profile, scroll down to Profile Settings and click the edit pencil to the right of the username field
  • Enter your password to verify that you can make changes to your account
  • Type in your new username and click Update
You can update your username once every 60 days under Profile Settings

There is currently no option to change your Twitch username through the Twitch mobile app, so you will have to log in to your Twitch account on a mobile browser to change your username via a mobile device.

This will change your username across Twitch immediately, which means any followers or friends you have on Twitch will see your new username and may not recognize you. Be sure to let everyone know that you have updated your username so they’re not confused!

In the same settings location (Settings > Profile > Profile Settings), you also have the option to change your Display Name.

What is a Twitch Display Name?

Your Twitch Display Name is the same as your username, but allows for custom capitalization to be used within chat.

Example: instead of Dreamtostream showing up in chat, I could choose to appear as DreamToStream. Keep in mind that the characters and sequence of your username must be matched, Display Names only allows for changes to the capitalization of your username.

Be consistent

If you end up deciding to change your Twitch username, always change your username elsewhere on the web for consistency’s sake. Keeping a list of your profiles on hand (I like to bookmark all of my accounts within my browser), as well as passwords will make this process more or less painless.

Consistency helps make sure you don’t lose out on your audience who may not recognize that you’ve changed your Twitch username. It will also help search engines and socials understand that you are wanting to be found under a new username.

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